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Hi dolls! So, stumbled upon something delicious this evening. Albert Seveso captured these mesmerizing images by taking high-speed photos of ink mixing with water, this series is called “Disastro Ecologico”. The amount of time I could spend admiring them is endless. So gorgeous and intriguing. They make me think about life and the journey we are all on. The riveting twists, turns, highs and lows that are each inevitable in their own way. But overall the frightening dive we are often asked to take in order to swim into the divine comes to mind. I met the path that led to the divine drop in August, and god was it ugly. Since then I have been fighting the fact that my journey is far from what I imagined (or dreamed)… As well as blatantly ignoring the knowledge within that has been telling me this is all simply part of my personal transformation. Fear silenced the intuition that was embedded into this soul of mine long before I could appreciate it. Its been eight months and I am just now learning how to trust my gut and just jump. I promised myself a long time ago that no matter what, I’d never lose my color. I guess the next step is figuring out how to accept the fact that when it’s mixed with the ocean of unknown it may not carry elegance or flow effortlessly, and it may not always be pretty to the naked eye. But it will always be bold, beautiful, and mine…

Namaste my loves, xoxox


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