I Just Get Stoked

Sweet loves, I have so much to say! Meow and I (Maria) have been creating & collaborating for hours today… My eyeballs may or may not feel like they’re going to fall out of my head… and I love it. I haven’t felt this inspired for months!

Negativity has been getting the best of me and I can’t say I’m proud of what I have (or haven’t) been doing lately. But what I am proud of is the steps I’ve been taking to pursue a new path. Fact of the matter is we’re all going to be confronted with struggle in one way or another, especially in times of significant growth and change. It’s inevitable and it’s beautiful! Alright, not always your kind of beautiful, but accepting that is a huge step within itself.

I believe the journey is mapped out according to how you handle the obstacles you’re faced with. We all want to be handed a solution but what about the work behind the method? The decision to go through the trials and errors is just the beginning. No day better than today though right? There is definitely a silver lining in every cloud, but if you sit around expecting it to simply appear you’re not only defeating the purpose, but cheating yourself in so many ways. Be willing to find the undiscovered. Search for that new breathtaking beauty. Meow and I always say, “Be, Do, Have”… I guess what I’m trying to say is slow down, focus, and let the universe see you working. Oh, and be patient. The rest will transpire… I promise.

Alright anyway, you’re all probably like, “Shutttt the hell up I get it…” Pardon my preaching (if that’s what you’d call it), I really don’t mean to do that I know it can be annoying. I’m just a really passionate person. My old therapists used to think I was on drugs because I’d get soo into things… Things that normal people don’t really go into depth about. Well I wasn’t on drugs, so don’t be alarmed. Just get stoked once in a while guys, that’s all.

So I have this thing for Russell Simmons… and by thing I obviously mean an extremely large amount of respect and admiration for him. I truly think he is a brilliant person and am really trying to learn from him. So I started looking into some of his work and read the first chapter of “Do You! 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success”, let’s just say it was all history from there. Should be on my doorstep tomorrow and I’m DYING to snuggle up to it. I decided to do one day shipping which I never usually do. I hate to say this, but if it’s not here tomorrow I might have to take some deep breathes if/when I peep the mailman cruising PAST my house. I know being upset at him is pointless it’s not his problem, but I paid for next day shipping… And I want it. Go here to read the first chapter and maybe you’ll understand why I’m so eager to get this book. Anyway, I hope each of you had a delicious Monday and bitched about the snow a little less then I normally do. Being positive is so much easier said then done… But it’s worth it. Here’s to the journey, xoxox

“Happiness is essentially a state of going somewhere, wholeheartedly, one-directionally, without regret or reservation.” -William H. Sheldon


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