The Epitome of Joy

Apparently Winston eats organic tortilla chips?

Maybe I’m a loser but I think this is hilarious. Running off with it like I’m interested in his soggy half eaten chip… I’ve got a fulll bag right here buddy, you’re in the clear, don’t trip. Shortly after this I grabbed one to eat and gagged a little bit when I realized it was one he’d already gotten to. So… Sick. I love Winny, he’s my boy. He’s actually my Uncle Gregg’s cat, but we sleep together every night. Things are pretty serious

The kids woke up from their rest as I was halfway through this post and they wanted in on the action. You know I was all about it…

I don’t really know what to say other than these two are my world… This is the epitome of Joy.

The other thing these videos made very clear was the fact that Zebs diaper really needs to be changed. Oh, and we have some serious reading time ahead of us in order to wind down before bed time. Ciao bella’s!


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