Blue Bird

When I woke up this morning my eyeballs looked like I was a drunk, or was drunk last night and just woke up from the dead. Or maybe that I puff puff pass with yo punk ass all day everyday. This happens every year around this time and I am always in complete denial. I like to pretend it’s a cold but in reality I have allergies from hell. So that was really neat because Maria and I are meeting with the SBA this afternoon to discuss our company. I just imagined me walking into the meeting and right off the bat saying, “Hi I’m Bailey and this is my business partner Maria, I am stoned out of my mind.” Not really, so don’t freak out –  But 4 bottles of visine weren’t even going to begin to fix this sitation. Usually putting some mascara on makes me look more awake because I don’t wear it often. Nooope, not today. Thank god my auntie worked for an eye doctor or two and has miracle drip-drops around the house. When I put them in my eyes it felt like someone was throwing boiling acid into them. Seriously, it was bad. Zeb was so concerned when he saw me rubbing them with my hands like a mad woman. Tilting his head as he stood there in his almost-too-small Superman Jimmy Jams… Bless his heart. Anyway, the burning was chased with some relief because my eyes are starting to look a lot better. Less like old shriveled grapes and more like human eyes. Nobody wants to go to discuss serious matters when they look and feel like a strung out troll doll. Nobody.

So other then that this morning was good. I was drinking my tea (Irish breakfast tea of course) and Z was eating his nanna’ with peanut butter on it. I looked at him and said, “Hey dude, guess what?”, he goes “What baizy?”, I said “You are my MAIN MAN”. I then proceeded to smooch his head off and spin him around until he couldn’t walk straight (he loves it I promise). He really is my main man, I can’t say no to him. He asked me if I’d play Hi-Ho-Cherry-O with him as soon as I woke up. Aunt Care looked at him and said, “Oh honey she doesn’t have time she has to go to a meeting.” but started to laugh when I said “Alright just ooone game”. If it were anyone else I’d be like yo, you’re trippin’, it’s 8 in the morning. Not with him though, I think I’d do anything for he and Talya. They have me wrapped around their wee little digits for life – and I’m completely okay with that.

Did I mention how happy I am about the sunshine today? Be sure to go out and stand outside somewhere quiet at one point today. I love to do that…  Tilting my head back with my eyes closed and just sucking up every bit of delicious fresh air and Spring weather. I think about countries in crisis and those around the world that aren’t so fortunate as we are and it makes it that much sweeter. So with that said I’m off in my blue velvet pumps like a blue bird…. Umm in human form. Cheers dolls! XOXOX












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