Breasticles And The Bee’s

I  really want this hat. There is nothing I love more than a cold brew and some dill pickle spitz during a Bee’s game. It’s the best because it’s always the perfect temperature when they play, so some cutoff’s and my Bee’s t-shirt Bridger gave me are on point when it comes to apparel. Well he didn’t really give it to me, I inherited it because he grew out of it. That’s what I like about being a girl, once you’re 16 or so you’re done growing…. Ok maybe not your breasticles but you’re pretty much done. yes I did just call them that. It seems a little more weird saying “breasticles” on my blog then it is when I say it in person, oh well it’s fine. Point is, I will be getting Bridger’s tee’s and comfy sweats for a few years and I love that.

Anyway, back to baseball. My favorite is when they play their individual songs when they go up to bat. The thing is, I don’t even care if they suck. It’s about the experience. I’m just as happy walking out of that stadium when they lose as I am when they win. Alright not just as happy, that’s kinda bullshit on my part – But I mean, it’s all good. Whoever wants to donate this to my bees-fund feel free to let me know. I have every single game written in my agenda (seriously, I do. just did it yesterday). We’ll go together and you will have the time of your life. Believeeee dat. The bee’s are my boys.

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