My Sunshines

My uncle made the most delicious risotto for dinner tonight. It’s a classic Italian dish and my uncle Gregg’s favorite after a long day. It’s a comfort food that you can just kind of “cozy up to”. Click to find the recipe, you can’t go wrong (well, unless you are careless while cooking it). It’s amazing, everyday I learn something new living here with them. Whether it’s a new recipe or how to wash a sippie cup without melting it in the dishwasher. I hope someday I am able to parent as well as they do, I truly admire them.

Anyway, Talya and Zeb were having a hard time eating their dinner so I thought of a way to get them to eat. I said that little ladies and gentlemen do not act the way they were acting at the dinner table. So I reminded them of the book, “Tea For Ruby”, one of our favorite books to read. Ruby gets invited to have tea with the queen, so everyone keeps saying “Ruby, I hope you remember your manners when you go to tea with the queen”. So I did something along those lines tonight at dinner with the kids – Reminding them to sit up straight, use their forks, sit on their bums not their knees/half way off the chair. Ha well it became kind of a game. Talya and Zeb pranced upstairs for a bath just as any other little lady and gentlemen would (with full bellies of course). It made me really proud. They are my sunshine’s…

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