Self-Love & Vanilla Suds

Now Playing: “My Little Girl” by Jack Johnson.

Winter has this way of stealing my desire to treat myself with love without me even knowing it. I start to look past my chipped nails, split ends, and uneven skin. Then I find myself in mid April lookin’ like a wreck up from the neck up (& some). Tonight after I put the kids down I hopped into the shower & did my favorite thing…. Relaxed my shoulders, dropped my head, and rolled my neck around slowly. I inhaled the delicious steam and felt free. I usually try to be quick in the shower to save water but tonight I said to hell with it and suddsed the shit out of my loofa with my favorite vanilla body wash. After that I covered myself head to toe with silky lotion and brushed my teeth until they literally squeaked. Do you do that, or is it just me? Either way, it’s my favorite, so I’m down with being a solo-squeaker. I painted my toes “Gum Drop” purple and touched up the mint on my fingers. Self pedi’s have been a thing of the past until this evening. I actually did my hair – And liked it. Then I decided that even though I’m ninety years old and would rather stay in and read Vogue I wanted to do my makeup. Yup, at night. I blasted my itunes and danced in my room like I used to after school in elementary to “Grease” & Brittney Spears. I felt better then I have in months because I decided to stop waiting for someone to give me a reason to feel beautiful.

I stopped writing this half way through last night because I ended up going out. But even if I hadn’t I would have been perfectly okay with eventually taking my makeup off and going to sleep. Women have this misconception about when we should and shouldn’t do ourselves up. Even if there isn’t a man in your life you should still do it for yourself. If you don’t feel sexy by yourself and rely on someone else to help you do so then there is something wrong with that. We are all sexy in our own way… And even before bed when we don’t have any plans, we should be sure to maintain our inner and outer goddess. I wish that I didn’t let the winter days & confusing relationships get the best of me and how I treat myself, but I’m going to start working on it – And so should you. I say it so much but it’s true… You’re worth it, we all are. We’re given one chance to appreciate and cherish our youth and beauty in this life… So don’t brush it aside. Make how you look and feel important. After all, you’ll never be as young as you are in this very moment. Work that.

All my smooches & self-love rambles until next time, xoxox Bee

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