Yesterday I decided I shouldn’t have a credit card anymore. It’s been two months since I’ve had mine and I don’t feel like it’s really necessary. I’ve always been against them especially for college students, so I’m not quite sure why I got one. Well that’s a lie, someone told me it would build my credit and I trusted them. But then my uncle told me I’m doing so by simply paying my car payment. So I took my ass to my credit union (Hiland Credit Union… I love them) and handed my card to Misty. She said, “Okay I’ll shred it for you – You don’t get it back.” It felt so nice. I then changed my address back to my first one (remember, gypsys move a lot) & ordered new checks as well as a new debit card because I lost mine. I felt so accomplished. I went to the grocery store with Mads about an hour later and I opened my wallet…. Oh what’s up debit card I thought I lost! Sometimes I question my sanity. I also wonder if people just fuck with me? Probably not though, it’s probably just me.


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