Bed Time Vino & Squawking

I miss bed time vino. I’d come home from long day shifts at the salon and late nights at the New Yorker & indulge in a glass (or two). My feet would always be killing me from walking in heels all night. So to make it easier I kept my vino next to my bed… And I’d talk on the phone with Andy for hours and hours until one of us fell asleep or our phones died. I remember the day I came home and my mum had my wine sitting on the table with this look on her face. It was the, “reaaaallly…??” look, and I kind of laughed. She thought it was ridiculous that I kept wine next to my bed, and maybe it was. But it was always that little thing I looked forward to so I wasn’t about to rob myself of some pleasure. If you’re going to sip some wine well hell honey, kick off your shoes and let your hair down… But don’t forget about class in the morning or that early morning meeting. Some may say this makes me sound like an alcoholic. It might, unless you’re aware of the fact that I live the life of a 90 year old and can’t remember the last time I went out to some raging college party. Just not my thing. I’d rather snuggle in my bed and have a conversation with someone I love then drink out of your beer pong cup with hair in it. Just my preference for an evening activity, that’s all.

I also miss my aunties. They are a huge part of my life and have each played large roles in raising me. I am the woman I am today because of the beauty I am surrounded with and these women create a vast amount of that beauty. I still have a lot to learn so my gratitude is endless when it comes to the love, support, and wisdom they offer. Life happens and we sometimes go longer then we’d like without smooching & squeezing each other, this time of the year seems to be the hardest. I get to see them this Sunday though and I’m so excited! Smooching and squawking will be happening in heavy loads on Sunday afternoon. This is a part of the village I’ve been blessed with… This is what I am grateful for. I love my family.

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