Down To The Gloss

Tonight as I was tumbling away I found these.  Good lord, I haven’t roller skated since elementary school. My summer camp would take us to Classic Skating where we’d skate our asses off and have the time of our lives. The snowball was always the best and most controversial part… I went with Patrick Brown who I had the biggest crush on. I would pay money to be able to look back and see my awkward self skating around a roller rink with him. I still love Pat, he’s a good guy. Bummer how for the most part we lose contact with the people we grow up with… Such is life.

Gianni looked at these and said there isn’t any amount of money you could pay him to own them. I said “Well that’s fine because you’re a man and that would make you gay…. Which would be totally fine, just super gay.” Anyway, I think these are fabulous. I’d absolutely LOVE to put an outfit together to rock with them. How fun right? Alll down to the nail polish and lip gloss. I soak this kind of shit up.


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