For My Stage Mom

I know I’ll be hearing from Maddy about these videos, since she is my stage mom and everything, but I don’t care I have to share these with you. She’ll probably force me to memorize the moves so she can take videos of me trying to dance like this (I’d have to be extremely intoxicated, I’m just going to be honest). She just sits there and DJ’s while she yells at me to “Keep dancing!!!”. That’s what we do when we hang out, it’s pretty normal. Anyway, now that I’ve revealed another really weird part of my life to the world, my question is WHO ARE THESE CHILDREN???

3 thoughts on “For My Stage Mom

  1. bahaahaha! before opening this i thought you posted the videos you were in!! people you WANT to see those videos! hahaha yess you will be learning these moves. but only if you want to :) i am no stage mom… woww. low blow..

  2. Ya… right. I might be open about my life on here but NOT that open, nobody would ever look at me the same if they say those videos. I love you, and even if you pretend like you aren’t a stage mom, we both know the truth. You’re the best bebe, feel better. xoxox

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