Rolling In The Deep

This morning Salt Lake rose to see April showers at their finest. As I stood there looking out the window I thought to myself, “If the flowers are happy, I should be too”. I did my best to embrace the variations of scenes and temperatures as I went about my daily routine. The day rolled with mother nature as she gave us rain, sunshine, lightning, thunder, and hail storms. As a family we watched the storm slowly but surely spill out beyond the cities edge and into the unknown. It was all so beautiful and fast, I was in awh as it eventually evolved into a silent calm. Talya was in her sundress & leggings; Zeb had nothing but a shirt and diaper on. They ran to the window and stood there with eyes as big as the moon… Quietly they watched the storm together. I smiled & took pictures with my phone doing my best to capture their tiny selves trying to understand Spring through 2 and 4 year old eyes. I’m so grateful to be able to enjoy nature in its many forms from such a beautiful home with my family…  Safe, warm, and curiously excited. Welcome to Spring 2011 in the ‘tah

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