“I Think It’s Ready Papa!”

This is what I came home to tonight.

Gregg is teaching Talya how to cook Risotto. He is such a good man and a truly amazing papa. There’s this feeling that takes over me when I walk in and see something like this. Even though I didn’t have a father growing up to do these things with I do have some very amazing men in my life who have been such great role models for me – Gregg is one of those men. He has given me hours of advice that have helped me make some pretty big decisions in my life (especially recently during my first year in college). I hope that if I ever do get married my husband will be this way with our children. It’s rare to come across these kind of relationships now… I guess that’s why I admire theirs so much. And because I’ve never seen it so first hand until the last couple of months that I have been here with them. Truly beautiful. Smooch your mums, smooch your dads, and never forget the little times you’ve had. There isn’t really anything like it.


One thought on ““I Think It’s Ready Papa!”

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