Panties In A Bunch

Jon’s going to get these

And I’m going to get these

We’ll match and have the happiest feet EVER. I’ve wanted these for a while now but the huge amount of shit people have given me and the tiny amount of money I have both play a huge role in the deciding factor. But today I decided I don’t really give a shit if you’re not down with my FiveFingers. Meow thinks they are hideous and “will not be seen with me” but I think that can be changed. I love them and I can’t wait to do yoga and meditate in them. Jon and I walked to the grocery store yesterday quick like bunnies so I slipped on his Timbos… and surprise! I decided I need a pair of those as well. I’m thinking these are the ones I want.

Obviously we’re broke as a joke, I’m a college student and he’s a soon to be missionary. Therefore we’ll have to figure out a way to buy these, that’s something we’ll discuss another day. I’ll wear my Vibrams with my yoga attire/leggings/workout clothes & my timbos with everything. They looked cute with my velour VS outfit yesterday so that’s why I was sold on them in the first five. I have quite the obsession with Velour Outfits and have always been on the lookout for the perfect shoes to go with them, so I’m pretty excited.

Yesterday while we were walking home from the park we stumbled upon these…

Yup. Your eyeballs are correct. Those are a pair of friggity frackity PANTIES. At the PARK. I had no words, so I took a picture instead. I still don’t have much to say other then this, some people are FOUL. If you’re that careless with them why wear any at all? Sick shits….

Anywho, I’m off… My final is tomorrow and I have plenty to do with a small amount of ambition so it’s probably best if I start now. Or a week ago. Finals… My fave. Cheers! xoxo

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