Can You Do The Can-Can?

The last few weeks have been full of bumpy terrain, smooch advice, and self discovery. I’ve been able to learn quite a bit about myself despite the days where I’d rather hear your whole life story & every emotion you hold then deal with any of my own. School started this morning and I have been preparing, as silly as it sounds, since finals of last semester (which was 2 weeks ago). I told Andy I was nervous for class and I could hear his smile in the dark. I knew it was silly to be nervous for school, this is my 3rd semester of college so you’d think I would have it under control by now… but I don’t. And it’s okay, because I finally realized I don’t have to understand every little thing and have it all down, I just have to do it. Life is not about perfection it’s about taking action. So when I slipped out of bed this morning I wasn’t extremely enthusiastic, I was just feeling neutral – I was ready to do what I needed to do.

My teacher is a sweet 40 or so aged man who has a Texas accent and plenty of patience, he makes jokes that aren’t super funny but you still laugh because he’s a good guy and you can see that he’s trying (I have a lot of respect for those who try). He wanted to get familiar with everyone in the class and work on remembering our names so we did an exercise. We each had to work a question in front of the class after saying our name. (Apparently this helps people remember you. I’m not quite sure how but it helps my professor so sure why not) I almost dodged the entire situation and ran to the loo before it was my turn but what was the point? I’d have to do it eventually. So I worked the question and did it correctly and sort of shit my pants in the process. Math is where I meet my insecurities. When I have to do it in front of people I question myself and get all weird and awkward. If it’s anything else I can do it. I figure it out and have confidence in myself but math is just not my thing. Needless to say class ended and I thanked my sweet teacher and hustled my little ass right off that campus. The day I have all of my math credits completed will be the best day EVER. Seriously.

Anyway, that’s boring let’s continue. I have an interview tomorrow at Sanctuary Day Spa at Gateway and I’m so excited. Sam who is a girlfriend of mine works there and is the one who set it all up… I loved working at the salon and have really started to miss it. I’m crossing my fingers that things will go well tomorrow. After that I’m going to yoga with Tam. I’m a littttle concerned about how my body will handle class because I’m convinced a pulled a muscle in my ass. I don’t know how, I do things like the can-can dance when I’m just hanging out but I’ve never been injured because of it? I’m being serious by the way I love to kick my legs up in the air, I can be a spaz but it’s fine I’m happy. One time I was teaching Isabel how to do the can-can while Andy was over for dinner. She asked if she was doing it right and I said, “Kind of! But try doing it like this!” I thought I was so cool so I kicked really high. All of a sudden I flew backwards onto my back and the whole house went dead silent (it was on the hardwood floor). Just one of my finer moments in life. I’m always reeeeaally ellegant. Clearly. I don’t have anything else to say (can you find your shocked and stunned face??) I love you dolls. Have a beautiful day!


2 thoughts on “Can You Do The Can-Can?

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