Zombies Love Pretty Things, Too

Too exhausted to write. But I will anyway. Exciting news: Finished the race yesterday! We took 2nd in the mens division (I was the only girl on our team, therefore I’m considered a man. It’s fine.) Can barely move.  My mum just rang & started laughing because I may or may not sound like I’m on my death bed. She said, “Are you sleeping”. I said “About to be.”, and she goes “Oh honey, well just look at your medal and it will make all the pain go away.” I sat there silent for a minute & then said, “No. It won’t”. It’s great when you’re able to push yourself and stay strong mentally even though your body is trying to deny every step during the run. Not so great the next day when you’re walking around like there’s a huge stick up your ass. Worth it though, it was an amazing experience and really inspired me to continue running regularly. I had such a kick ass team. Gregg, Jc, and Jeff were amazing. Why am I writing such short. Short. Sentences. OOOOPS. I’m delusional & have a PC sunburn on my calves. The elevation will get cha’, I love it. Taking some ibuprofen and falling into a deep, deep sleep. Sweet siestas my loves… XOXO

Before the race – “Running With Ed” in PC


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