Open Up & Live


Instead of bitching about the rain I’ve decided to bust out my cheetah print rain boots & run through puddles because I can. It’s clearly not going to stop so putting negative emotions towards the weather, in my eyes, is a waste of our precious energy. Instead embrace it, love it, and design the best rain day for yourself. In “The Secret” they talk about how our energy is like a TV antenna, and what we feel/think is what the universe receives and in turn gives back to us. So show the world you’re okay with a rainy day. I say come what may, mother nature always wins, so instead of trying to beat her I’ll just be on her team. Get out your favorite book, make yourself a cup of tea, and lose yourself in the delicious words each page brings. Soak in a hot bubble bath and drink some champagne while you listen to some calming music. Look at how happy the flowers are and let it flow into you. Let go and let it be.

My mum and I had a sleepover last night and it was so fun. I really cherish the time I get to spend with her. I woke up this morning in her bed. Yes I am still a little girl. We hung out for a bit and did our favorite thing, watched murder mysteries together. That’s always been one of our things, it might not be the “average” mother daughter bonding activity, but it’s perfect for us. Then I came home and got busy catching up on all the things I didn’t get done during the week (laundry in particular). Maddy hung out with me and it was really nice, I love her so much.

I cleaned my room, too. Once it was clean I felt like it was perfect timing to do some yoga in my organized and zen space. After that I made myself some tea & picked up “Do You”, Russell Simmons book that I can’t seem to put down. Tonight he talked about death and how he handles it. His father passed while writing this book and he went over his way of explaining the death of his father to his two young daughters. I found it very interesting…“I encouraged them to think of their grandfather as a butterfly. Butterflies start as caterpillars, but after they go into their cocoons, they emerge with an entirely new body. Butterflies still have the same soul they had when they were a caterpillar, just with a beautiful new frame to carry it in. So I told my daughters that while at that moment their grandfather’s soul might be in a cocoon, very soon it was going to reemerge as a butterfly.”  The reason he talked about death in the chapter I read was because he wanted to talk about freeing ourselves from fear in order to be successful. We are given this beautiful opportunity to live so why spend a second of it in a state of fear when it comes to death. You are here right this very second, alive, healthy, and happy. You are capable of so much, stalling with worry and fear of death makes achieving your goals much harder & less enjoyable once you reach them.

 I believe there is no better time than now to create the very best version of you. We all have things we’ve wanted to work on but we tend to say things like, “I’ll start tomorrow”. By doing so we’re letting life slip away. If you have legs that are strong enough to support you on a good healthy run, then go. Because so many can’t and would do anything to be able to. Life is too short to do things because you have to. Do them because you love to. I look at the lives that have come and gone since I’ve been here on this earth and I try to do things for not only myself but for them, too. Don’t cheat yourself out of the wonder and beauty in this world. Start now and begin to truly live.

Some say death is inevitable, but the ancient Buddhist scripture The Dhammapad puts it this way, “Not in the sky, not in the midst of the sea, not even in the clefts of the mountain, is there a spot in the whole world where, if a man abide there, death could not overtake him.”  Count your blessings and consider this beautiful day as one of them. Rain or shine, it doesn’t really matter, because this is life and you are here for a reason so to do anything but brilliant things with it would be a shame. I hope you pursue every passion that you find within. Love whomever your heart desires. Pack up and leave for a new adventure because you can. Accept today & all that it brings because nobody can guarantee what tomorrow will have in store. Live in the now. Show gratitude for the advice you are given but always follow your heart. And last but not least don’t forget to “Do You”.

The past shaped who I am today.

What I do today will one day become the past.

So do yourself a favour and do good right now if you wanna be good in the future.

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