Men Are Made For Us To Love, Not To Rely On

One of the most unhealthy things you can do in a relationship is rely on the person you love to complete you. I believe we can all complete ourselves. To fill yourself up with joy, self-love, confidence, and passion is essential. Once we reach a point where we accept our past, live in the now, and prepare for the future in a positive way I believe we can then begin the journey of true love. There are things in my past I am still learning to accept. I work hard to not waste the day away worrying about tomorrow, but I don’t always succeed.

It’s hard for me to feel satisfied because I still have many things about myself that I’d like to improve. Sometimes I look at my life & relationships & think it’s not enough or it’s not what I want. But none of that is true. I feel that way because I am not staying true to myself. I struggle with letting go of the past & I tend to let my mistakes I once made shape my emotions of today. But there isn’t anyone in the world other then myself that can make me feel complete, satisfied, and secure with what life has given me. One of the most beautiful things I’ve been given is my personal life. I’ve met someone who I love with no limits & truly trust, oh & he’s my best friend. I’m extremely blessed. But to expect him to fill the area’s that I have yet to mend isn’t fair.

Last night I let negativity get the best of me & asked for more when in reality, I have all I need & could ever want. This morning I woke up, rang my Meow, & soon realized the mistake I had made after a long talk with her about how I was feeling. So today my intention is to work on what I need to feel better about myself while still appreciating & loving the things that are amazing, the things that I already have. If you don’t feel beautiful & need some reassurance then work on your confidence, do it for yourself. Don’t expect anyone else to tell you how pretty you are, or how smart you are, or how intelligent you are. Tell yourself everyday & if someone else decides to compliment you then that’s amazing! But don’t rely on others to make you happy, you set yourself up for disappointment if you do that. My point is that maybe when we think we need more we just need to stop over analyzing things & embrace what we have. Every little flaw, each mistake, & all self-doubt can be brushed aside if you choose to love yourself, treat yourself, & trust yourself unconditionally. After all, men are made for us to love, not to rely on.

5 thoughts on “Men Are Made For Us To Love, Not To Rely On

  1. I was just searching the web and happened upon this page. I have to say “thanks” because I agree – and I kind of really needed this type of pick-me-up right aboot now…

  2. Truly on track for a healthier life, wish more people could step up to the truths in this article.

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