Two Truths

I’m happiest in bed with some wine or a cold beer, my handsome lovaboy, & a good episode of the First 48. None of this ‘Gossip girl’ or ‘The Bachelor’ nonsense.  I mean that’s fine if that’s what you’re into but I want some murder mysteries & freaky people on my TV, not dramatic girls talking about sex, money, clothes, and their latest BBM conversation. I hardly ever watch TV but when I do I want it to make me think, I want to learn something new from what I’m watching. I don’t want to watch tall big boobed blonde brizzles act out made up gossip. I just don’t. I’m sorry.


I want to bitch slap people who drive around with their brights turned on because 1 (or both) of their headlights are out. You lazy piece of shit, I have tolerance for inconsiderate people to a certain extent, but this is one thing I can not stand. I have a hard enough time driving at night I don’t need you blinding me on top of it. It really bothers me. If I’ve had a bad day the bitch within can’t help but flash my own brights just to let them know that I do not appreciate them… at all. Is that childish? Probably, but we all need to respect our inner child once in a while right? People need to get it together.

All my love & bitching until next time, xoxox B


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