Times I Feel Alive

“Not Too Late”  is playing & my voice is echoing in this empty house as I sing to it carelessly. When I was wee I’d run around my grandmothers home after school (literally in circles) and sing whatever song fit my mood that day. Often I only knew a few words so I’d just repeat them over and over again as loud as my little body allowed. Lauryn Hills “To Zion”  is a song I remember singing often, it was & still is a favorite of mine. I always knew I wasn’t any good but it didn’t matter to me because it simply felt good to sing. There is something really powerful about letting your voice take shape. When you are able to feel each word begin deep within your chest & then flourish into something real you make a connection…A connection with the song, with yourself, & with the universe. It makes me feel alive. I’ll belt any & every random song until my last breathe whether it be in the bath tub, the car, or running around in circles in my grandmothers home. As long as it continues to make me feel alive.

I keep saying I’ll go to sleep “after this chapter” but ‘The 7 Healing Chakras’ has reeled me in for the night. I’m not sure there is anything like a good book, a bubble bath, & a little alone time. There are many things that provide me with a form of bliss I can’t quite explain and those 3 things are a few of them. Anywho, I love each of you very much. I hope you all had a beautiful day and that you truly sang your heart out at one point of it. Namaste, Bee


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