Being About It

This time last year I was deep into an extremely healthy lifestyle. I ran all the time & was at the gym every other day. My eating habits were far from what they have been lately & I never struggled with lacing up my tennis shoes & getting out there. I looked forward to going home & cooking something new every night whether it be salmon with a salad or shrimp linguini. I’d freak out a little bit if I didn’t have my water jug with me at all times. Maria and Jon would come over & we’d eat dinner together & do homework – Living healthy made me so happy! On top of my workouts & healthy diet I would do a cleanse once a month called “The master cleanse” (follow the link for the recipe). Most people don’t eat while they do this cleanse but my body has never agreed with that. So instead of being on the cleanse for a week without any food I would eat raw food only. My energy increased, my skin cleared up, & I felt better as a whole every time I did the cleanse. I loved it.

After I graduated I started working two jobs. I was still trying to find “me time” while balancing my new routine & it made it hard for me to find the ambition to continue eating healthy & working out. October came & went & before I knew it my weight was up and down because I chose to be lazy. I’d be extremely skinny for a month or two because of my busy schedule & lack of sleep & then 15 pounds over my regular weight two months later. I was losing muscle and everyday I left my running shoes in the closet it became easier to put it off. Ever since it’s just gone down hill & I haven’t had the will power to get myself back into it. But today I’ve decided to stop talking about how I want to be healthy again & start being about it.

So this is day one of my cleanse & healthy habits & I’m SO excited! Andy & I were going to go on a hike this afternoon but the weather wasn’t good enough so we’re going tomorrow. I’m looking forward to getting healthy together, it always helps when you have someone else encouraging you to stay on track. Maria is coming over & we’re going to go play tennis & then take a walk together (yup, like a married couple. we love each other). I know that if I focus I can train my mind to make wise choices when it comes to my well being. It’s not about the size of jeans I buy when I shop or the number that shows up on the scale. It’s about how I feel as an individual. I don’t own a scale and never will because when you begin getting your satisfaction with yourself from every pound I think you get off track of what’s really important. If you can run a few miles & feel good, go on a hard hike without having to stop, & do whatever you want without feeling out of breathe then you’re perfect. It makes me sad that women starve themselves & are so hard on their image when they are already beautiful & perfect as they are. Eat clean, train mean, and live lean my loves:) Namaste, Bee

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