Throwing Shit Out & Creating Happiness

Today I decided to empty the binder I’ve filled with nonsense & foolishness i.e random papers that don’t mean shit to me. I take it with me when I go to work & shove “important” papers in it when I don’t have anywhere else to put them. The problem is I never refer back to these papers once they have been shoved into my binder. So out with the old and in with the new when it comes to my “binder of important things”. I have been procrastinating when it comes to many things in my life, one of which is starting my “Happiness Project”. I talked about the book “The Happiness Project” about a month ago but didn’t go into much detail. Needless to say, it has really inspired me to start a new, healthy, and productive lifestyle that of course involves happiness. Part of the project involves creating your own personal commandments that you abide by in life. It seems easy right? Typing up 10 or so rules you can refer to that will help you live your very best life, how hard can it be? My problem was that I came up with way too many. I mean jesus, I need to be able to just whip out a sheet with these bad boys written down on when in crisis, not a booklet. I had over 30 at first and took almost an hour to dwindle my commandments down to a manageable 15 (& I’ll be honest, even that’s pushing it). I printed them out and put them in my binder as the first sheet of inspiration. I’ll fill it with resolutions, personal commandments, ‘to do’ lists, & secrets of adulthood instead of useless papers. If you want to start your own Happiness Project go swoop the book & begin creating your own personal bliss. I’ve already learned so much about myself from it. You won’t regret it:)

My 15 Commandments

Be Bailey

Avoid avoidance

Word hard – Play Hard

Be fearless but not careless

Act the way you want to feel

Do what makes me happy not what others expect

Believe in your dreams even when when others do not

Finish what you start

Fake it till you make it

Be an inspiration

No excuses!

Asking for help does not make you unintelligent

Know your worth

Don’t overanalyze things

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be good! Love what it is.

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