Doing Me

All I want is La Puente, wine, and an evening filled with rollerblading and snuggling. Also, I think anyone who bails on plans is a true shithead. I’m not even going to trip (I know, shocking). But I’ve decided that I will no longer let anyone hold the key to my happiness. So instead of being a cranky ass I’m just going to go eat La Puente by myself. I don’t need someone attached to my hip to do the things I want to do. A little thing called doing you… It’s something I’ve found great success in. Have a delicious evening sweets. XOXO

I do not mess around when it comes to La Puente…

2 thoughts on “Doing Me

  1. Lol. I don’t know what you are eating but I like to see people happy doing them. And this I like also because it shows how much people think about their blogs

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