Indulge In Fashion

I used to indulge in some true me time when I lived at home. I’d go into my room, shut the door, light my candles, & play music loud enough to sing shamelessly to. I’d go through my closet to create the perfect outfit for the next day. I didn’t just grab a t-shirt and some jeans and call it good, I’d plan it all down to the jewelry, shoes, & bag. I’d try everything on & experimented with different looks. It was fun for me, I loved creating outfits with old clothes and figuring out how to make things work. Fashion has never been about following the trends for me, I do it to express myself.

I’m not a morning person so it was always comforting knowing that I wouldn’t run the risk of walking out the door with my shirt inside out & clothes that didn’t look good because it was already planned out. (Alright, let’s be real, I did that last week… But that’s because I got ready in my zombie-mode instead of prepping the night before.) I don’t do my evening prep anymore, I would rather wear some leggings and a comfy off the shoulder shirt & or a sundress & call it good. But I am going to try and get back into it once all of my clothes are fully unpacked from moving & are at one solid location. I’m starting to miss the confidence that comes with knowing you are presenting yourself with class and that you look put together. Alls I’m sayin’ is when you look good you feel good, and if you don’t feel good, then maybe doing little things like an evening prep is just what the doctor ordered? Here are some looks I absolutely j’adore right now…




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