You Are What You Eat

Isn’t that kind of scary? What you put into your body directly effects your life, but somehow we all choose to ignore this fact & carry on with our awful diets. So, with that said, I’m on a healthy-food kick. All I want is greek yogurt, fruit, & glasses full of Odwalla ‘Super Food’. I didn’t used to like the ‘Plain’ yogurt but now I crave it all the time. It’s so yummy in smoothies, by itself, or with some fruit/agave nectar on top. I’m trying really hard to eat things that give me energy instead of making me feel like a damn sloth. So I’m saying goodbye to multiple cups of coffee for breakfast, fried pickles for lunch, & whatever other nonsense I stumble upon for dinner. I’ve gotten rid of all of the candy I usually keep at my desk at work & resisted my temptation to buy anymore. Fundip is really such an awful addiction. Anyway, I have to get back to my work… I hope you’re all having a delicious, healthy, kick-ass Monday!! Ciao, xoxo

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