Sip For Sense

Letting go of my propensity to drown in a cup (or four) of coffee has played a toll on me for the last week & a half. To make it easier, I’ve started researching what exactly coffee does to you, one of which is premature aging. Isn’t that lovely? So with that said I decided that was enough to convince me to switch to tea. Today as my antioxidant green tea was steeping I noticed there was a little note on the bag….

…And as petty as it may seem to some, I think any positive message has the ability to increase the value of your day. So I’m going to keep on sippin’ for some sense of well-being and a clear, jitter-free mind & do my best to avoid the java. I guess what it comes down to is that I like cute shit, & this falls under that category. XOXO

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