Off The Top Of Me Head…

I was feeling refreshed & ready to put my all into a good day in the office when I woke up this morning. I’m driving along happy as can be and then out of no where I randomly started brainstorming things that I am grateful for. I decided to say them out loud (in a song-like way, of course) and I have to say, despite looking like a weird ass talking to myself, it was a fabulous way to start the week. Here are a few things I love & appreciate…

I’m thankful for:

Having a roof over my head and a home full of absolute love & understanding

My family & friends who have turned into my family

My lovaboy 

Good health

A job I absolutely love

That I didn’t get eaten by a bear while we were camping this weekend (seriously…)

For my guncles and aunties

For my nub

For an open mind

For books 

That I was able to buy my breakfast this morning & not check my bank account before swiping my card

For my car

 for the fact that I don’t to go to the U and have to deal with parking, I just have to drive past the nonsense to get home everyday. 

For fresh air and sunshine 

For education

For my 3 brilliant, helpful, and kind doctors 

For clean water

For change & new opportunities 

But most of all I am thankful to be…

It all may seem sort of dumb, and maybe it is to some, but I believe gratitude is a beautiful thing in all shapes and forms… Take a second and ask yourself ‘What am I grateful for today??’


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