My room is feeling more like a closet then a bedroom. I have all of my clothes (yes, each season in different bins) in the same place for the first time in umm… A long time. The cats are weaving in and out of the bins & pretending to be spies. I have a bra and my school book in one basket and my socks and pencils in another. True madness. The last couple of weeks have been crazy, but they were starting to make me believe that better days were soon to follow. So I worked hard, smiled a lot, and focused on the outcome. And surprisingly, everything went to shit in a week. So here I am in a room that feels far from yummy, laying with Winston, and rubbing my eyes. I’m not really sure where to go next. I feel like I’m drifting from my best friend…. And it’s making me be an unproductive, sad, stressed out little thing. Not a lot is wrong but nothing feels right. Does that make sense? I’d like to ravel myself up into a warm cocoon while time heals everything, okay? Goodnight my dears. Sorry for the lame/negative/boring post. One of those days ya know.

Trying to




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