Let The BB Sink In

I just got done watching 5 episodes of Breaking Bad. My jaw hit the floor multiple times. It is easily one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. I sat in the hot tub before the sun was down instead of doing laundry like I had planned. I also planned on writing this really interesting post about ‘bla bla bla today was really good bla bla bla I’m so productive’ but that didn’t really happen… Clearly. Sometimes I feel really ambitious after work and sometimes I just don’t. So instead of stressing out and being a freak about organizing I sat my ass on the couch, curled up with Pippee and a blanket, and let the BB take over. It was fabulous. By the way, I think I’m going to do this with Elana & Kelli. Not quite sold, might pee my pants, but life’s short right? Deep down, everyone want’s to fly.

It’s nice to say I have 6 bins of clothes with sticky notes on them that say ‘Clothes I wear‘ stacked in my room right now and I’m not having a panic attack. Impressive right? (keep in mind they have been sitting at my mums for 1 year…… Being everything but worn)  It’s cool, my room looks like an episode from Hoarders, but I’m not trippin. I’m doing a ‘Get rid of 10 things a day for 10 days’ thing and I’m sure it will do the trick. But I think I’ll start tomorrow………….. :)

I’m done peeling my eyeballs open. We’ll discuss this tomorrow… Ciao bella’s xoxo


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