High Five Bitch!


High five to a week and a half away from 20 and still struttin my shit with zit cream on around the house!!

Today I thought I would stop being the typical office-asshole that uses the dishes in the kitchen & then leaves them for someone else to clean up (which is usually the office moms aka Sue/Danielle). So the first thing I did when I got in this morning was load the dishwasher & start it. My plan was that by the time everyone would be in at 9, we’d all have squeekie clean coffee mugs & they’d all wonder who the little mystery dish fairy was. Well, 9 rolls around & I go to empty the dishwasher (so excited) aaaand what do you know, the little packet thing you put in there didn’t dissolve… Kind of odd? So I started it again. At 1:00 I overheard Sue ask Danielle if she had re-started it and she said no. Right then and there I knew I fucked something up. She comes out laughing and said, ‘Bailey, you have to OPEN the packet and take the soap OUT of the plastic wrap!!!!’. Areeee ya KIDDING ME? Oh my hell. The life of the girl who didn’t grow up with dishwasher. In fact, I WAS the dishwasher. At least I didn’t feel like a total dumbass….

Sorry if you were hoping for some hot pics of me posing in the mirror taking pictures of myself. I’ve got better shit to do. Like learn how to load the dishwasher and get my face under control. XOXO


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