I Will…

I will not go out instead of doing my laundry, which results in more dirty clothes & less laundry-bition.

I will get rid of 10 things every single day for the next 10 days. I will not go to T.J.Maxx’s and buy MORE things which makes the 10 things everyday pointless… Ever again.

I will throw out all of my ghetto makeup from rite-aid & only put nice things on this face of mine. This does not count with lipgloss…. I will wear bonnebell liplites ‘caramel’ for the rest of my life.

I will surround myself with people who can see beyond my flaws & and into the loving soul that I am. I will apologize for my mistakes instead of being a stubborn brizzle. I also promise to call my boyfriend before bed after a night out so he doesn’t worry his cute head off all night…. Ever again.

I will kiss Talya and Zeb… A lot… Even if they do have colds. Because the days are flying by and I wont get morning smooches while they are still in their jimmy-jams for much longer.  I will also go to bed earlier. Not just because I slept in last week on accident (twice), but because I need all of the snuggling from Winston that I can get.

I will not procrastinate & pretend to ‘stall’ the process of packing my things and stepping into a new adventure. I will not use blogging to distract myself. At least not until later tonight.

Ps. October is almost here, what are you going to be for halloween? Zeb is already ahead of the game. Oh, and have I mentioned how much I love the new Pandora? And this song...?


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