I’m Weird

Last night at dinner the girls & I were talking about all the things that we think are weird/get weirded out by. I had a rather large amount of things… So I thought I’d share. Can any of you relate?

Re-using zip lock bags

Perspiration on things out of the fridge dripping on my food/leftovers. Example: On tupperware, foil, or serran wrap. It’s all cold and wet and smelly…. 

The smell of cantalope

Using other peoples utensils/dishes or at restaurants

no you can’t lick my lollipop/ice cream cone or sip out of the same can as me

The smell of apple juice (it reminds me of runny noses & crusty old sippy cups)


Solid ice cubes in my cup… It’s too hard to drink & I spill & make slurping sounds/freeze my teeth

The smell of someone elses face on a please-wash-me-pillow. May I please have my own? Your head smells kind of dirty… At night…. 

Food in the fridge and not covering it. 

The smell of the fridge

Fruit I didn’t pick out… Especially if it’s soggy/mushy

Milk that has been left out and is warm. Wahhhh, whyyyyyyy???

When someone takes a big fat chunk out of the icecream tub… I eat it so it’s always smooth on top. Yes, I may or may not have a slight case of OCD.

The list could go on. It’s a little bit concerning. But… I am me. Right???…. Oye. What are you weird about? Any of the above?

2 thoughts on “I’m Weird

  1. If the stuff you mentioned is weird, then I would not want to be normal. I love the boots!!! Rainboots are so much fun! and the Tupperware chart PERFECT. Your girls sound like fun. Ice Cream should always be smooth on top and never leave the milk out. Butter should always be covered, and placemats always used on the table (and napkins, never paper towels). I could come up with a huge list including how to fold towels properly…but then I would be very weird..

    • Thank you so much! When I ordered those boots I was feeling quite guilty, I was broke but decided that someday I would wear them and I would be rich with happiness:) I am a fan of cheetah print, to say the least.

      You are a woman after my own heart! Sometimes it blows my mind how gross people can be. My mum always taught me to never be careless with my things.

      I could definitely use a lesson on folding towels & t-shirts. But hopefully that comes with time:)

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