Parents & Their Pampered Pets

I’m listening to Jack Johnsons ‘Bubble Toes’ via pandora while my right foot is drifting into a deep sleep as Parcel & Sunny Jones make it the best pillow EVER. Keegan & Keely are grunt-grunting in their pin, which means they probably need to go do their business… By the way, let me formally introduce my new niece & nephew….

My aunties Karen & Gina have added these two to their beautiful family, and as you can see I couldn’t be more excited. So technically, I am their cousin. But personally I think that sounds stupid. I have always had this thing where I’ve hated being a ‘cousin’ so I’m their cousinauntie. Don’t question it bitches.

They are probably more spoiled then Malia & Sasha Obama. I’m not kidding. They are 4 legged children and that’s that. They really do have the best moms in the entire world. Sweaters, toys out the pugzoo, and so on. Definitely not lacking in love… They’re teething so they think it’s really neat puncturing my lip/fingers on a regular basis. Oh and doing their business on the green rug… We’re working on that. Needless to say they are absolutely delicious and I am so lucky to be able to pug-sit on a regular basis. Nobody is better to snuggle/kiss/watch Sex & The City with then they are.

I think life is so exciting & I’m also really happy I get to spend it being in love n’ stuff. It’s the little things in life like puppy breath, piddles, poops, and yaps full of love. Right? :) XOXO 

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