Peace Over Thought: Brent Talbot

Brent Talbot has always really inspired me. He chooses to live his life by loving with no limits and spreading joy to others. He is so giving and I love that he shares all of the amazing things he learns with others. He posted this on his facebook this afternoon and I felt the need to share it with all of you. I love that he is so open about his choices in life and helps others become more conscious. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this and find inspiration from it. Kudos, Brent!

‘Dear World!! I smoke Pot!! Or P-eace O-ver T-hought as I call it!! I was busted by my parents at our family thansgiving party and now I’m getting it off my back entirely and announcing to the world!! I was an alcoholic for about 20 years and never did anything good for anyone. I managed to work every job in the restaurant industry possible my 1st job bussing at Primo’s when I was 14 paid 3.35/hour and was a block from my parents place. My last job before I left Calgary was 1 block from my 1st job and 27 years later I had increased my wages to 8.85/per hour. I used to attack people and use everything they said against them with my quick whit and sarcastic flair for the the no limits of degredation were beneath me. I talked constantly behind peoples back’s always making them wrong for something I wasn’t doing. I caused a marriage to fail by having an invisible “I’m not Lovable wall” that was impenetrable and completely stealthy always waiting for the right moment to pounce. I had the same relationship with a different person and always manged away to blame and play the victim. I went as far as to cheat on my wife push her into the arms of anther man and then accuse her of being responsible for my short comings. There are many stigmas attached to your typical pot smoker and these are nothing less than stereotypes. I happen to know a greater portion of the population that choose to enjoy the medicinal that’s in all marijuana and they for are generally people active, conscious, vegetarian, yogi’s, writers, film makers, philosophers, on air personalities, psychologists, prof’s in general, city workers, construction guys, restaurant staff, retail outlets, etc… I think U get the picture. I believe the Native American Indians referred to it as the Peace Pipe. Ask a cop whether he’d like to go on an alcohol or marijuana bust and what’s the ratio. We tax everything that kills people like Alcohol, Cigarettes, Gambling, yet something that is used to sedate people and increase there appetites while quieting their minds is considered Illegal!!! LOL!! Give me a break!! We the 99% are letting the 1% dictate a world that is NOT working and needs to open to a shift in consciousness. No longer can we turn a blind eye and let 1 child dye every 10 seconds from hunger, while we maintain a 40% obesity rate here on North America. WE MUST WAKE UP!!! How can we not see as a people with the astronomical rates of atrocities that are being committed daily and not say that we have a problem!! I Know from my experience of living on the other side of the fence: I managed bankruptcy, divorce, cocaine habit, lied, cheated, stole, jobless, homeless, racist, gambler, sex addict, and loved being sick and going to the Dr. I have been cocaine free for 6 years as of Nov.23 and the rest of my addictions all withered away as I became conscious, except for Pot. I have gone stints without it as much as 6 months, but I prefer the relaxed state of consciousness that it supplies for me. I think that today I am of much more use to society as a writer, than a waiter. Even though my parents tell me that they are going to come take me away to the looney bin and I should just go work at Home Depot!! LOL!! I had an argument with both my parents prior to the writing of this, which spurred the depth of honesty that I was willing to share. From our greatest difficuties emerge our greatest gifts.’
Namaste B

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