Versatile Blogger Award

When I woke up to an email from Michele Bunn, the author of ‘Crossing the Line’ I found myself in a state of shock. Michele is an amazing & wise woman who writes a blog about her journey where she is given a handful of change & discusses all of her experiences during the ups and downs life gives us. The email explained that she was nominating me for the Versatile Bloggers Award. I was shocked and so excited! It is definitely a proud moment when someone like her recognizes you… Thank you so much Michele!!

Award Rules

The guidelines state that I must share 7 things with my readers that they may not know about me. This is a little tough seeing as I am a very open person… But here goes nothin.

1. I wrote an essay about the American Flag in 1st grade and won an award for it. I think that is when I realized that I was pretty good at writing and passionate about it as well.

2. When I was very young my grandmother fostered/rescued kittens. I helped her take care of them when I would visit. Feeding the abandoned kittens with bottles is what fueled my deep love for animals. My mum always jokes that I’m a ‘Cat Whisperer’… I think the only thing keeping me from becoming a crazy cat lady is my boyfriend. Eeek.

3. When I was in elementary school I would go into the library during recess when it was too cold to play soccer. I’d always paint my nails all different colors because the librarian would always tell me how ‘fun’ they were when I would check out my books. She was my favorite & always so sweet to me. At that time of my life I was very intrigued by Koko the gorilla who learned sign language. I wanted to learn sign language and teach other gorilla’s so I read a lot about Koko and her journey. I also loved reading The Boxcar Children and learned how to escape in the pages of a good book at a young age. Those were some of the best days of my life.

4. Ummm, I love Sims. I play it when I’m extremely bored & don’t have internet. It’s kind of embarrassing to admit but I guess I’ve got a bit of nerd in me? :)

5. I used to be a vegetarian. I went through a time in my life where meat just didn’t satisfy me. Once I realized the harmful things a lot of meat contains as well as the process of making it I was sold. I didn’t eat meat for a long time until one day I had a coming-to-jesus… I needed some wings & I needed them ‘NOW’. I still go on and off with meat, but I’ve learned that eating what my body craves in healthy portions is the best thing for me instead of overanalyzing every bite I take. Red meat still freaks me out a little bit (unless my mom cooks it). But my body is happy and that’s all that matters.

6. I wasn’t interested in barbies or any ‘girly’ things when I was wee. I’d throw them in the closet because I would rather be outside playing soccer with the boys or exploring. I spent countless hours outside after it rained, collecting worms and snails and making them comfy little abodes. I also loved learning about bugs. Ants were amazing in my eyes, the strength of just one tiny ant always impressed me. Often people assume that I’m a ‘diva’ at first glance. But don’t be fooled… There will always be a little bit of a tomboy in me that loves a good adventure & quality time with mother nature.

7. My mum is a single parent. I always told her that even if I could go back & ‘change’ things I wouldn’t because she’s better then many parents that are both there. She did everything she could to make sure I had the best childhood. Everything I ever wanted was given to me, but because she worked so extremely hard for those things I learned what it means to truly appreciate what you have. She taught me what it means to have a strong work ethic & that you can’t always start at the top. She showed me how to be a strong, independent, productive young woman at a young age. I am lucky to have her as my influence because she has helped me in so many ways. I see some of my friends who are just beginning to get a taste of reality and what the real world is like, and as hard as it was at times, I’m happy I learned at a young age instead of right now. Because of her I know how to surround myself with positive, loving people, and I will never rely on a man for my happiness. There’s nothing a strong, focused woman cannot do. I love you mum, I’m so happy I don’t have to share you with anybody:)

Part of this award is that we pass the award on to other writers who we would like to recognize for their work.  We are asked to pass it to up to 15 newly discovered bloggers, but I want to give it to my two very favorite bloggers. They are:

Fresh Gypsy

This has been one of my very favorite blogs for a long time. FG mixes it up with quotes, music, fashion, and words of wisdom that never cease to inspire. Whenever I am in need of a ‘pick me up’ I go to FG. She puts it perfectly in her about me…. “The stream of conscience of an imperfectly evolving woman. Fashion, art and music to remind you that you’re alive. Truth, love and light woven in unabashed swearing. Empowerment… yours for the taking.” You will not be dissapointed. 

Dear Spike 

We are all aware of all of the ‘mommy bloggers’ out there, but what about the ‘daddy bloggers’? Matthew LaPlante is a journalist, author, blogger, professor, and father. I have been lucky enough to work with him and watch how he miraculously balances all of the above while still maintaining a calm mindset and awesome personality. I have learned so much from him, it’s like he’s a never ending good story. This blog is about his daughter and I think it’s amazing. ‘These are my letters, my confessions of inadequacy, my fears and my hopes. And a little advice for my beautiful little girl.’ Pretty damn cute right? Enjoy, and be ready for some tear jerkers.


I’m so excited to be slowly but surely becoming part of the ‘Blogging community’. It’s so nice meeting people with similar goals, beautiful stories, and inspiring lives. Thank you again:)


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