My Fairy…Mom-Mother?

Do any of you remember reading this post?

Well my cute mum sure did, and yesterday she surprised me with this…

My very own puzzleboard!!! She searched and searched until she found it online. It ended up being shipped from the Neverlands and we couldn’t read anything on the packaging. I was so excited I could hardly stand it. She said, ‘I just thought it was special because I really do pay attention and read your blog. It was hard to find but I know how bad you’ve wanted it so I was so excited for you to have your very own.’ Pretty freaking cute huh?

I can hardly wait to sit on my couch & watch Breaking bad with my vino, cheese, and salami on my Puzzleboard. Best believeee my phone will be on silent during that time. Sometimes I feel like a man during a football game when I watch my shows… Do not talk to me.  Thank you for always paying attention mum, you’re the best!!

That right there… is a happy little bird.

We went to McDonalds later that night and for some reason I never feel guilty making late night nugget runs with her. She could not stop laughing when she was ordering, and without even asking if I wanted one she ordered two hot fudge sundaes. The lady slowly replied, ‘Our icecream machine is actually broken…’ both of our heads laid back on the seat and we let out a ‘awwwwh…’ like it was the worst news we’ve ever heard. But she was quick to reply, ‘Ok, Ok, two apple pies!!!’. Probably one of the funniest things I have ever heard her say. I honestly have the cutest mom in the world.

By the way, we watched this last night… Soo good. My mum told me about how people used to watch it when they were on drugs… Ummm, no thanks. I’d be up all night. I realize I’m behind by the way, I’m sure all of you have seen it but if any of you haven’t I highly recommend watching it if you’re a Pink Floyd fan, it’s very cool. Nothing like a night in with my mum. I love you too much. I’m off my loves, cheers. XOXO


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