3 thoughts on “Grow

  1. B. I’ve always known how beautiful your heart and soul are. It’s amazing what some maturity and life experience can do for yaa. I know. I’ve been there. Hope all is well. The language of the heart is my favorite kind. I’m getting more fluent with practice. :)

    • Breanna, you have no clue what you reaching out to me means:) Thank you so, so much. I know you have had quite the journey and I can tell that it’s all shaping you into an even more beautiful person then you already are. By the way, I absolutely love ‘the language of the heart is my favorite kind’, well put darlin. Thank you again, it means a lot to me. By the way, do you have a blog? I know you used to but can’t find it anymore. Cheers gorgeous, xoxo

      • Awww that made my heart smile. I’m grateful for where I’ve been but even MORE grateful for where I’m at. It’s such a gift to be able to look at everything now with different, more mature eyes, especially since it takes most people YEARS to figure out and learn the lessons. I’m extremely blessed and know now how I can use it for good. Indeed I just barely started again… taking a few pointers from you :D bzafterhours.blogspot.com ! I’d love to catch up or something soon. It’s amazing how people grow into their own skin after high school! I just stumbled upon The Tea Grotto. A M A Z I N G is an understatement. Glad everything is going well for you :)

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