Is This Real Life?

While I was working out on the Cross trainer this morning my ass cheeks/thighs were on fire so I decided to try & watch the news to distract me… That’s how I learned that it’s practically Jumanji 3 in Ohio today. I found it pretty alarming. I’m kind of concerned for the folks of Ohio but I’m also a little bit jealous… Giraffes running loose? Monkeys? Cheetahs!? Jumanji was one of my favorite movies when I was wee. I had the board game & played it with Kelsey all the time. Secretly I’ve always hoped it could happen in real life. Careful what you wish for..

Also, I’ve had an issue with this for quite some time but today it was more then one person that did it. I honestly think that people who speed in school zones need to be bitch slapped. What makes them think it’s okay to speed through a school zone when everybody else is going 20 mph? What do they not get about the fact that we slow down in order to prevent mobbing through a class of 3rd graders? Like hellllo, what is WRONG with you? It’s just absolutely ridiculous and ignorant. Not cool at all it really bothers me.

Another driving situation came up this morning. While I was driving up the parking garage at my work I noticed a car that was going 5 mph, randomly stopping/braking, and then attempting to DRIVE UP the DOWN ramp. In the mean time I was just sitting in my car behind them trying not to roll down my window and say, ‘wrong ramp dumbass’. So all ya’ll who are lost or confused in the parking garage at my work, super sorry about it, but move it or lose it because I have got shit to do. I’m not trying to be a brat. All’s I’m sayin’ is that some people just need way more help then anybody could ever give them. Bless em’ & move on.

That’s all I’ve really got to say so far. I’m feeling really ‘with it’ today because of getting up early and going to the gym, so I’m sure I’ll post more later. Until then make sure to slow down in school zones & read the signs in all parking garages. XOXO


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