Wreck-Up-From-The-Neck-Up Wednesday

One of my worst habits that comes with the change of seasons is losing desire to get ready. I feel best when I have a healthy tan, so when I don’t have that healthy glow I feel the need to counterbalance it by wearing more makeup. Oooor just not wearing any at all and wearing velour outfits & my hair in a pony/nub everyday… Which is what I usually turn to. Velour outfits are my thing, but let’s be real, I am NOT jenny from the block. I used to resolve this problem by tanning, but I stopped that nasty habit. I’m also not a big makeup fan, I have always felt like I look worse with more on instead of better. Therefore the whole overcompensating thing really just turns to shit every time. I eat more & exercise less, and I tend to be a bit more bitchier… Needless to say, Winter isn’t really my métier.

When last Winter came to an end I promised myself that I would take the steps necessary in order to not only look good, but feel good. I want to carry myself with confidence knowing that a tan doesn’t make or break my beauty. I realize the majority of this insecurity is all mental. So I’ve started going to the gym with Kelsey every morning before work & so far it has had a huge effect on the outcome of my days. I feel energized and I’m not as easily agitated. So I’m working on my health, step 1, check.

When Maddy & I were brain storming new things to bring into play with CommanderInChic we came up with this: One day a week I will be posting a picture of myself, which means that at least 1 day of the week I will actually GET READY. No, not because I’m conceited, so please don’t make that assumption. I’m hoping that it encourages me to not be a lazy ass this winter & to practice some good ole’ Self-Love. It’s going to be every Wednesday because Mondays suck, Tuesdays are weird, Thursdays are always a surprise, & Friday is either a ‘I look good’ day or ‘Thank god the week’s over because I barely made it to work today’. With that said, it’s called, ‘(Working on not being a) wreck-up-from-the-neck-up on Wednesday‘. So one day a week I’ll post a picture no matter how shitty I feel. I know you probably think I’m a loser, and I sort of am, but it is what it is. So I did it on Wednesday but was a little bit hesitant to publish this post. Anyway, I grew some kahunas, or maybe just stopped giving a shit about what others may think, so here they are.

So I’m curious, what do you do in the Winter to prevent falling into a season-funk? Let me know, I’d love to see how others handle this situation. Thank you so much for reading & have a beautiful day! Cheers to a fabulous weekend…


3 thoughts on “Wreck-Up-From-The-Neck-Up Wednesday

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