Yesterday when I got home from work I had a game plan. I was going to nap, take a bath, cook dinner, and watch breaking bad in bed. Well, my computer talks to me when it’s dying & says, ‘You are now running on reserve battery power.’ and I honestly want to throw it across the room when it does that. I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘Just turn the notification off then…’. No, not that easy homie. I can’t figure it out. Anyway, after being home for less then an hour it started talking to me. I went to grab my charger & realized it was still plugged in at my desk at the office…. I’ll be honest, I sort of felt like the world was over. And then I realized I was being ridiculous & got over it. So I ended up painting my nails & then I took some nyquil and passed out. I do have a cold… FYI. Spencer was confused and thought I was taking it recreationally. No I am not homeless or 14 years old, & even if I was, that’s what wine is for. Not that homeless people or 14 year olds drink wine. But you get my point. Anyway, I can’t promise anything inspiring, positive, or uplifting today because I am in a shitty mood & need to use all my niceness at work. Just being real with you because I love you. I also didn’t do wreck up from the neck up Wednesday because I am a wreck up from the neck up & I have a runny nose & puffy eyeballs. So hot, I know. Sorry for not taking a picture of myself with tissue stuck to my nose. It’s for the best. Oh & this morning I had to dry off with the paper towel things that come out of the dispenser at the gym because I forgot a towel. Mmm, glamorous.

All I have to give this morning is this photo. These were my nails prior to falling asleep & waking up with sheet marks on them. That’s always my fave…

Thank the good god tomorrow is Friday. XOXO


3 thoughts on “S.h.i.t

  1. I hate those days! I swear I have a day like that once every couple of weeks haha. I also hate it when I ruin my freshly painted nails…like reaching into your purse or something on accident. The. Worst. On the other hand, I am obsessed with Breaking Bad…

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