Mrs. Mustard

All day long I couldn’t stop looking at food. I can’t even count how many recipes I looked up & printed off. It started getting a little ridiculous, so as soon as I was off work I was at the grocery store. I made crusted honey mustard chicken & twice baked potatoes. Kelsey brought a salad, her fabulous self, & Lincoln. I’ve never really handled raw chicken. Whenever my mom would cook chicken I had to leave the room because I couldn’t handle all the fat & blood spots… But tonight I put my big girl panties on & did the damn thing. And it was absolutely delicious. Grandma, Kelsey, Lincoln, and I actually sat down and enjoyed a really nice dinner together. I’ve missed doing that with my family and friends, so I’m hoping to turn this into a weekly thing. I’m so blessed with have the chance to spend time with them. Anyway, my tummy is full & I can’t wait to crawl into my yummy bed and catch some shut eye. I love all of you, sweet sleeps! XOXO

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