When in Doubt

When in doubt, eat chinese & wear cheetah long johns.

I got my brows done today, I like them to be dark but they always look extra dark the day I have them done. I may or may not look like Joan Crawford. After that I spent some time with my cute mum. When I got there she was cuddled up watching football with the best damn bloody mary on the planet in her hand. We caught up on our guilty pleasure: Hoarders. It’s always an ego booster. My laundry doesn’t have shit on these people. Anyway, I’m already in my pj’s & calling it a night. This week is going to be good, I just feel it. If any brizzles try to ruin it….

Yes, my brows resemble this. I cropped my face out in this evenings photo for a reason… By the way, this is my 400th post! I am a blogging machine. XOXO

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