‘Yoga, Yoga, Yoga’

‘We’re not going in. We’re two minutes late.’ were the first words Kerry said to me when we pulled up to our first Bikram yoga class last night. I’m sure some of you are okay with interrupting peoples ‘energy’ & ‘zen’, but I’m not. It’s disrespectful. I will never forget the time someone (name not necessary) started pounding on my bedroom door when they knew I was meditating. That is the time people take to get away. So, with that said, Kerry & I did just that and drove our asses right out of that parking lot… And straight to Divas for some cupcakes.

We bought a groupon for a month of unlimited Bikram Yoga together and planned on going last night, but because we were late we went at 6:00 this morning. I am far from a morning person, so this decision was a bit ambitious for me to say the least. When we walked in I saw a man sitting behind a desk and he looked naked. He wasn’t though, he had underwear on & it ended up being our instructor, Alex. And to be honest, I was too tired to think anything of men in ponytails wearing nothing but panties casually sitting behind desks. So we signed in & walked our clueless selves into a 108 degree room full of 30 or so people.

‘How are we going to laugh at each other?’ The room was so full of people that Kerry & I didn’t end up being next to each other (god forbid we separate from the hip). So we didn’t get the chance to watch each other pretend to keep up. Everything was great at first, and I was feeling good. But shortly after the first few poses I found myself feeling the heat. I knew it was going to be a long class when we were laying down and my nose started to tingle… It’s natural to release gas when you’re relaxed, but it was 108 degrees & my eyeballs were burning like I was in a gas chamber…..Um, good morning sunshine!

Long story short, I am now a huge fan of bikram yoga. Despite being drenched in sweat & losing a few nose hairs it is a really amazing experience. I felt like all of my negative thoughts & toxins were released in the best way this morning. Being surrounded by a group of people who are pursuing something that strengthens & stimulates their mindy, body, and spirt is amazing & can galvanize all those in search of motivation. I found it to be a very empowering experience. The rest of my day was calm, productive, and positive. I felt very ‘in the moment’ today, and I’m thankful for that.

This week has flown by, I can’t believe tomorrow is Thursday. If Winter continues to go quickly I will be one happy bird. I’m off for now, but I’m sure I’ll be back later… I feel a blogging spree coming on. Love you darlings, xoxo


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