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Whole foods for lunch is always a good thing. And you know I can’t go there & leave without a bag of Pirate Booty & some coconut water. As you can see by my next purchase, Breaking Bad is taking over my life. I felt the sudden urge to buy this magazine ONLY because Krysten Ritter is on the cover. Let’s just pretend I bought it for the ‘Holiday Detox’ article… Moving on.

I regretted going to sleep with wet hair when I woke up this morning & looked like I stuck my finger in a socket. My curls are out of control now that my hair is getting longer. Good came out of it though, today is the first day I’ve been able to pull all of it back into my signature look – The ‘Sumo Bun’. It started when I played soccer because I hated it when my hair was in my face. Eventually it turned into a go to look for me and I’ve missed being able to resort to it when I’m limited on time. Anyway, lots to do & too much to enjoy. Happy friday my loves! XOXO


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