Happy Place/Work Place

Today I told Danielle to ‘Go to her happy place’ at work, her reply was, ‘I can’t for another hour’ (she always cracks me up). So that got me thinking… We all have our happy place at home where we are able to create a healthy sanctuary for ourselves, but what about in our workspace? Often we may feel like making our desk a place we enjoy going to is impossible. But isn’t it worth taking the time to make it a comfortable environment? You spend 91520 hours working in your lifetime… Don’t you think you deserve to be in a beautiful place during that time?

I think it is the little things that make a big difference at a desk. In order to stay organize, you have to want to do it. Keep places that are only meant for specific things. If you have something and it belongs somewhere you will eventually get in the habit of keeping it there.  De-clutter de-clutter de-clutter! I know you don’t want to throw that paper away, but it’s 9 months old. Get real. You don’t need it.

-To add more of a personal touch, keep a small photo on your desk with someone you love. When you’re having a hard day, you can turn that that.

-Depending on how much space you have you can keep a small plant by your desk as well. This will help all of you who miss seeing green in the summer.

-Be sure to have plenty of light so that you don’t get headaches from squinting or looking at your computer screen without enough light. I like this one because it isn’t too big. It also gives off a warmer light instead of being too bright.

-Stay hydrated! Keep a water bottle at work, one that you actually like to use, like this one. Keep it full of cold water and drink plenty throughout the day. Don’t use caffeine as a pick me up, drink some water and have a light snack instead. I have found success in that lately when I’m craving junk. And if you do drink coffee, balance it out with a glass of water.

-If you work in a city and walk to lunch, keep a pair of black flats like these by your desk just in case you don’t want to speed walk in stilettos.

-Keep some hydrating, repairing hand lotion at your desk for the brisk winter days. I type all day and my hands get really dry. I like to use this lotion to keep them from cracking.

-Pack a healthy lunch! Be sure to keep little snacks at the office so you can have a little pick me up during the day. It can be cut up apples or some almonds, whatever works with you. Right now whenever I need a break I make myself some peppermint mocha hot chocolate & go to my ‘Happy place’.

-I also like to keep a motivational quote posted somewhere on my desk as well. Right now I have this hanging on my bulletin board…


If you are surrounded by love and positivity you’re less likely to get stressed. Keep a light heart and a focused mind. Be open to criticism and don’t get defensive! You are there to teach and learn from others. Fact of the matter is you have to love what you do and do what you love. When I’m in a good mood it reflects on my work and productivity. I also work with people all day, so patience and a voice that shows your smile is important. Take the time to make a creative space for yourself.

My ‘work tote’ only has work things in it. I like to have it full of the things I need so that I can go to work and feel stress-free and prepared for whatever the day might bring. I always keep my phone & laptop charger with me just in case I work later then expected. Chapstick, my favorite pens, and a notebook arem’t ever out of reach. Give yourself the tools necessary to work hard and be happy doing it! Get rid of that old smelly red marker that you mark all of your papers with, ‘ASAP’ or ‘NOW!’, and replace it with some nice pens and remember not to be so hard on yourself! Trust me, at the end of the day, you’ll be thankful you did it.


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