Pretty Lucky

This is my BFF Joe (not Jill)

Joseph & I have been friends since we were wee. We’ve almost strangled each other a fair amount of times throughout our friendship, but nevertheless we sure do love each other. We went to sushi for dinner & he chose where we were eating. I was a little bit hesitant because it’s ‘All you can eat’ sushi… Maybe it’s just me but that sounds a little bit sketchy. I was wrong, it wasn’t sketchy at all, it was really good! I always have a good time with him, he can honestly make me laugh so hard no matter what kind of mood I’m in. He is always real with me & does not hesitate to call me out on my shit (which is often). I’m really lucky he has stuck around this long, and he’s pretty damn lucky I have as well. Guess that’s what makes our friendship unique:) I love you Joseph


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