‘Honey, A Real Woman Has An Ass and Thighs’

Am I missing something? When did this become plus sized? This woman is absolutely stunning, and in my eyes, has a perfectly healthy and beautiful body. There is nothing ‘plus size’ about this. Society has given this body type a stigma that it can’t seem to shake. But why try when the other option is frightening?

‘Plus-size model Crystal Renn, knows a thing or two about the struggles of weight in the modeling industry. Once super-thin, Crystal would almost have a heart attack worried there might calories in Diet Coke.’ She is now a plus size model and says she would never turn back. She speaks on the environment that she was in while in the modeling industry at a young age. The pressure was constant and the pain was inevitable. In the end her decision to model for plus size agencies saved her life.

One on the left: Typical model size. One on the right: Size 12 “plus size” model. Who would you rather be?

I understand that insecurities fuel the desire for women to push themselves to unhealthy limits. In high school I bought diet pills when experiencing a huge amount of hate towards my body. They were green and practically the size of my big toe. I would consume those and large iced coffees from McDonalds like it was my passion. Then I would go play soccer, and it quickly turned into one of the worst decisions I have ever made. My anxiety was constant and I was so weak. I had massive headaches & my pee looked like a glow stick… Ya, just a bit off. I passed out while doing a drill at practice one day, and that is when I knew I had to change. Many of us have been there, where we sacrifice our health to comfort our ego. Fact of the matter is, no matter what you’re doing to change it, your body is made to be a certain way. If it is not comfortable it will fight what you’re trying to do. Often people forget this in the moment but pay for it in the long run.

A quote that relates to this subject helps us remember that many insecurities begin with hateful words from others. “Words can break someone into a million pieces, but they can also put them back together. I hope you use yours for good, because the only words you’ll regret more than the ones left unsaid are the ones you use to intentionally hurt someone…” Don’t damage ones self esteem to feed yours. I hope that we can come together and embrace the fact that people come in all different shapes & sizes, to group one specific type together into what is ‘ideal’ is injudicious & low.

One more thing… Brae posted this on her facebook this evening & I had to share. I absolutely love this girl. ‘Yeah yeah yeah, Victoria Secret models are beautiful…but honey a real woman has an ass and thighs ;)’ I know, you love her too now. We need more women like that. Can I get an amen? I love you dolls, stay gorgeous! And shake what your momma gave you, for gods sake. XOXO 


39 thoughts on “‘Honey, A Real Woman Has An Ass and Thighs’

  1. So, I totally agree. But, let me add this. There are some models who are absolutely naturally slim. I have been a professional model for about 13 years now. I have worked in all aspects – commerical print, runway, and am moving into more lifestyle work as I continue to get older. Even though I was thin, a size 2 or 4 at times, I was sometimes not hired because I had a butt and thighs…tiny in the real world of things but, definitely curves. Only, I could never be the plus size model because I have no boobs. I love my body but it helps to be reminded that real women have hips and ass and if you don’t like it then too bad.

  2. I guess the fashion world keeps on insisting on plastering skinny models on the runway as clothes simply lay loose on them, like hangers, if you like. This creates this illusion that even a complicated piece of clothing would look good on anyone – which is very often the case.
    I, like you, don’t see anything “plus” in this model – I simply see A MODEL. Period. Hopefully there will be a shift in the fashion world and we will see more of a variety on the catwalk – we all are women, albeit different – but still female to the core :)
    (emmm… sorry for the rant!) :D xx

    • Rant on sista, love it!! I think you put it perfectly, especially the part about their thin bodies creating that illusion. It will be a beautiful day when women can truly own their bodies & embrace what they are all about. Cheers doll, thank you so much for commenting I love hearing what people have to say. Have a great day, xoxo

  3. Amen, honey! Love this. So very glad you found my Get Happy Place blog and liked it! I am so thrilled and honored that you did! Subscribing right now.

  4. Girl I was saying ‘amen’ when I read the TITLE of this post!
    The societal obsessions with thinness and control don’t help recovery.
    I know this personally.
    We need to continue standing up for HEALTHY bodies.

    – s

  5. This was great! I have had issues my whole life over the weight issue (still do) and I have enough references in my blog about my chubby thighs! (btw tx for susbscribing!) I look fwd to reading more of yours as well!
    (Another thing that irks me – the Bridget Jones weight issue… I never thought she was fat.)

  6. Thank goodness for this post! You say it like it is! Sometimes when I can’t find positive role-models in today’s emaciated models, I look to the old paintings depicting voluptuous, beautiful women and goddesses of the past. I hate how mainstream’s depiction of beauty has messed up all our heads!!!

  7. YES. AMEN AMEN AMEN. The most beautiful thing about women is their curves. If we didn’t have them we’d look like boys and what’s the fun in that? I still can’t believe that model is plus size. Love the quote at the end.

  8. I couldn’t agree with you more! The silent pressure society gives you to be thin is overwhelming. We are all naturally beautiful in our own way. We should NOT let society define beauty for us! Great post.

    Lots of Love,


  9. Definitely an amen from this quarter. Not sure whatever sparked the “thin is in” thing, but it’s so off it’s head now that it’s ridiculous. Give me muscle mass and strength any day, no matter what your size. Ladies, toss out the fashion magazine (unless you need a good laugh), flush the diet pills, and just take good care of yourselves. You don’t need to look like ANYONE’S ideal.

  10. Grossssss the picture of the ribs. I found a blogger the other day she looked like a decent size 4-6 at the most, and she did something to make herself a double Zero. I feel so bad for her, and she has such a thick skin about it but it’s like she doesn’t care that people liked her more with the weight, she insist that her BF likes her bones. It’s sad because she is so tiny and frail now. I agree curves are beautiful as long as it’s healthy.

  11. this is all too sad and also very frequent…good post Some young women get so caught up in the idea of being a model and lose themselves as a whole trying to become the images they see on television screens…it is very sad!

  12. Hey, great post. Those stick-thin models break my heart. We females (and males) need to be healthy, happy and strong!

  13. Love this post! I’ve read Glamour’s article on Crystal Renn, and I found her absolutely inspiring and fascinating. It always reminds me of the first part of Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman,” about not being “built to suit a fashion model’s size.” Every time my boyfriend tells me he likes my “lady curves,” I blush and feel all girly-giddy. Its a shame that so many in the fashion industry and entertainment are basically saying that natural, feminine curves are unattractive. I love my strong, healthy, curvy-in-all-the-right-places body and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    Also, thanks for liking my glitter heels! :)

  14. I think it’s really good that you are sending a positive message to girls everywhere BUT, I think saying “Honey, a real woman has an ass and tighs” is horrible to say. Are you saying I’m not real? And naturally skinny girls around the world aren’t either? Cause that actually hurts. People tend to think that thin girls can’t be offended when being told they are too skinny. Let me tell you it is as bad as telling a fat girl she’s fat. Just thought I should say this…

    • Hi there, first of all I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog & write a thoughtful comment. I agree with you, I was wrong with sharing the quote/statement of “Honey, a real woman has an ass and tighs”. It isn’t okay to say one body type is better than the other — that was not my intention. I hope you can forgive the lack of sensitivity in what I said. xo, Bee

  15. I can’t understand that girl being labelled ‘plus size’ either – she’s perfect. I agree with the lady above too I guess – a real woman has real woman bits, ie boobs and a vagina. Whatever else she has or doesn’t have – a tummy, big or little thighs, big or little boobs – makes no difference to her essential womanhood. But i can really see where you’re coming from! Those skeletal models, though, they’re beyond ‘slim’, they’re sick, literally.

    • Hi Rose. “Whatever else she has or doesn’t have – a tummy, big or little thighs, big or little boobs – makes no difference to her essential womanhood.” you could not have said it better. It would be lovely if all of us could pursue “healthy” vs “skinny” etc. Thank you for your comment, I hope to see you here more often. xoxo

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