I love animals, especially cats. I’m not picky and think they are all so cute… Except for these. But, the more I look at these pictures the more I doubt I could ignore one if it wanted to snuggle. My heart can’t do anything but love.

I love their sweaters, so I think that it’s only natural to want my own…


8 thoughts on “Meow

  1. I love love cats too. Did you watch the Friends episode when Rachel got a cat le this and Joey freaked out? He asked if it was inside out? Haha. Luv the blog. I subscribed. Xx

  2. My friend has one of those. Her cat is full of personality, a very kind creature full of love. But I agree they can look weird, especially if one is not used to them. My friend once shared a flat with a person who also wasn’t used to such cats. He used to be so scared when the cat got near, he called her an alien. As it often happens, the cat loved him and came up for cuddles constantly :)

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