If It Weren’t For These…

Hair, skin, and nails vitamin

 I am trying to grow my hair out & want to make sure I’m getting the right amount of vitamins. I bought mine at Costco, and I am really happy with them. My nails are also in gorgeous shape and very strong because of this.

Moroccan Oil Treatment = Liquid gold

I put this in my hair everyday & it makes my hair look, feel, and smell delicious. I have used this for about a year now & would pick it over any other oil treatment (ex. chi) It doesn’t leave your hair greasy either, which is awesome.

Bonne Bell Liplites in Cappucino

This is my ghetto go-to lipgloss. I can’t help but love this product, it’s old school and nothing special but it is the perfect color for my skin & I love the smell.

Terra tints 70% Organic tinted lip balm

Nail Envy Original

I swear by this nail polish. I used to have a big problem with my nails flaking at the ends. I’d try growing them out and they always looked awful and would break. Now that I used this my nails are stronger then ever & always look beautiful & healthy.

These are the beauty products that I use everyday. I’d be a wreck up from the neck up if it weren’t for these. I hope this helps! Let me know if any of you use these as well. What are your favorite beauty products that you couldn’t live without?


4 thoughts on “If It Weren’t For These…

  1. I’ve heard Biotin is really good for hair, skin, and nails too. I’ve been taking it for a little while and hope to start seeing results soon. I also heard prenatal vitamins are good for that, might give them a try if the biotin doesn’t work out lol.

    I love moroccanoil but just cannot bring myself to buy it yet. Maybe when I finally run out of all my Frizzease and Paul Mitchell and generic Dove product… which will be around 2015 or so haha.

    As for your nails… I have the exact same problem! No matter how good I am to my nails they seem to have a “terminal length” and it’s never long enough for me (just long enough so they;re clearly female nails, but not anywhere near past the time of my finger. I might just have to give that nail stuff a try!

    • The vitamins I posted are FULL of biotin! It is awesome. I used to take biotin just by itself but thought I would try this one out. I also used to take prenatals. They are all awesome for hair, skin, and nails! Hahah I have the same problem with buying hair supplies when they are expensive! I always get product that isn’t as expensive and regret it.

      Yes I would highly recommend trying Nail Envy, it is my absolute favorite. You won’t regret it. You can buy it at Target or most salons. Good luck with it! Let me know how it goes for you:)

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