Clever Isn’t Wise

I have been wanting a new tattoo, but deep down, not wanting a new tattoo at all. So instead, I remind myself that I don’t have a body that I can hang in the closet with a nice clothes cover while I’m at work… The universe gave me one body and one chance to take care of it. In my perfect world we could have a work body & a play body so that when we became that world shaking, record breaking, unforgettable lawyer, we wouldn’t have to explain our tattoos from the day we turned 18 (& why one boob is bigger then the other on your weirdly provocative tinker bell). Looking at other peoples gorgeous body art makes me happy and will be suffice. For now, when the world is leaving me speechless I will remember the strengthe my grandpa Nielson passed onto myself & my family by looking at my own little, & perfect, tattoo.

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